Painting With Lego Bricks


This is one of the best and most ingenious YouTube videos we have seen in ages. Jon Rolph 'Painting With Lego Bricks'.

Under the YouTuber user name of Cheesybricks he has carefully and very time consumingly put together a stop motion video of him recreating a piece by renowned Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.


In the animation, we see the artist's hands as he squirts various colours of Lego-based "paint" onto a palette and uses Lego brushes to spread it on a tiny Lego canvas. The result is a mini version of Mondrian’s famous Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, but made of plastic.

But it is all the little details that makes this video so great. The images in the newspaper, the sound of paint getting squished out of the tube, the strokes of the brush, the water changing colour, the streaks of paint… all comes together as a truly artistic Lego film.

Please see the video below, and we can also recommend checking out some of Jon’s other Lego stop-motion videos because he has some very innovative ideas. You can find them all at his YouTube channel here.