The Dyson CSYS Desk Lamp


Dyson is a name synonymous with revolutionary vacuums, fans and heaters, but you can now add lighting to that list with its release of the CSYS Lamps that have been designed by Sir James Dyson’s son Jake.

This may not seem like groundbreaking news at first, but it’s when you discover how it works and more importantly how long it can burn for that makes this creation a lot more interesting.

Whereas some conventional lights neglect to protect the LED’s from heat, which can damage the LED’s phosphorous coating and degrade the brightness and colour, Dyson is choosing to use Heating Pipe technology typically found on satellites, whereby the heat is pulled from the bulbs and directed into a heat sink that spans the length of the lamp’s shaft giving the column the amazing ability to burn for 37 years!

What’s more is that the 3 Axis Glide Motion design model that takes inspiration from construction cranes allows the CSYS to move vertically, horizontally and rotationally to maximise its ease of use, whilst conventional lights usually rely on springs and tension to stay in position.

The lamps also have touch sensitive, continuous dimming. The dimmer has a memory, so when you switch the light back on it is at the same level that you left it.


This hasn’t come easy mind you, as work was started on this invention almost 9 years ago.

The CSYS light doesn’t initially come cheap mind you, with a cost of £399 for the clamp or desk light design, and £599 for a freestanding taller version. However LED’s use a fifth of the energy of a conventional halogen bulb, and because there are fewer bulbs to replace in a liftetime Dyson claim that the light could save users up to £1200 over the 37 years it shines bright.

It does now change the answer to the question though of ‘How many men does it take to change a lightbulb?’

For more information of the lamp please head on over to Dyson’s website here, and check out the video below.