Elevation is an informative and engaging a short documentary just released by the people over at Deezen which sets out how drones could revolutionise the way people travel, transform how buildings are designed and built, and radically alter the form cities take.


The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Billed at 7 feet 5 and over 35 stone Andre The Giant was one of the world’s most recognisable characters. You didn’t have to be a fan of wrestling to know of him as he transcended the sport. Now a documentary on his life is set to air telling the story of the highs and lows of being the Eighth Wonder Of The World.


Fire Chasers Docu-Film

Filmmaker Jeff Frost releases a new timelapse video/documentary, titled Fire Chasers, in which he hot foots it deep into the California wildfires of the past couple of years. In stunning 4K take a look at how colossal, unpredictable, and truly frightening they can be.