Elevation is an informative and engaging a short documentary just released by the people over at Deezen which sets out how drones could revolutionise the way people travel, transform how buildings are designed and built, and radically alter the form cities take.

Elevation is a short documentary by online magazine Dezeen about how drones will transform cities – revolutionising how people travel, how goods are delivered and how buildings look and are constructed.

The thoughts are that ‘Aerial highways’ will relieve pressure on roads as deliveries and human transportation take to the skies in unmanned electric vehicles.

Architecture will change dramatically as the ground floor entrance is replaced by rooftop landing, parking and recharging zones and deliveries arrive via specially constructed portals on the sides of buildings.

On a wider scale the use of drones could be set for a variety of jobs across a range of sectors, with differing reasoning behind them, such as Agriculture to water / feed crops where the area needed to be covered by humans is expanse, or Construction, where the example given is the dangerous task of painting the outside of high buildings.

There is also a debate put forward for the use of them in times of crisis such as delivering food or aid to inaccessible or dangerous places, as well as demonstrating the fact that drones can actually make a robe bridge the people can walk across – things like could quite literally be life-saving in certain situations.

This vision of the future is set out in the 18-minute film, which features interviews with architects and industry experts including Norman Foster, Paul Priestman, Liam Young and Anab Jain.

Yet as well as painting a picture of a utopian drone-filled future, Elevation also hints at more sinister uses of the technology, exploring potential threats to our privacy and safety in a world where drones could be as common in the sky as pigeons.