30 Species. 30 Pieces. 1 Fragmented Survival.


With more natural habitats being exploited for their resources on our planet, many many species are in danger of extinction. To draw attention to this issue, Darlington-born designer Bryan James crafted a superb interactive exhibition of 30 fascinating animals facing extinction, using morphing polygons.

In Pieces beautifully depicts rare creatures like the Long-Beaked Echidna, the African Penguin, the Sun Bear, the Somali Ostrich, and the Hawaiian Crow with subtle animations as well as information on the threat to each species, visualised stats and links to preservation efforts to protect them.

The now Amsterdam-based James designed the entire project using CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets), so it works on Webkit-powered browsers on desktops and mobile devices.


You can see a video of the 30 Species. 30 Pieces. 1 Fragmented Survival. exhibition below, and for the interactive version please head here.
There you can also download free wallpapers of each animal for your desktop, tablet and phone, and there’s also a poster available for £21 (€30) featuring all the animals from the project with all profits go to Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered, a worldwide conservation initiative for threatened species.
For Bryan James other work please head over to here.

30 Species In Pieces from Neil Macleod on Vimeo.