Every X-Man Ever Video Timeline


Everyone loves the X-Men! Whether you young or old, male or female, everyone loves the X-Men. The success of the 7 films they have released over the past 15 years, and already having another 5 planned would testify to that. But how many of them could you name? While names like Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm might easily roll off the tongue, how about the likes of Husk, Moonstar or Dazzler? Also how are they all linked to each other as regards groups and factions and off-shoot collaborations?

Well everything can now be answered as the guys over at IGN have put together this brilliant video timeline and infographic detailing the long and storied membership of Professor Xavier’s merry band of mutants created over 50 years ago for Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Check out the video below, and read up about all the characters over at IGN.

This may well be the greatest video we have ever featured!