Greek Artist Stefanos Uses Banknotes As His Canvas


Greek artist Stefanos had made his personal statement about Greece’s economic crisis known in very unusual fashion - by etching miniature human figures onto euro banknotes.

For his project titled ‘Euro banknotes bombing’, he adds human figures to the banknotes, which depict his current feelings on the ongoing economic, social and political instability that has arisen in his home country as a result of political dissent.

He commonly transforms the notes with delicate little black ink doodles, creating scenes of death, freedom and revolution.

He began the project about a year ago, and has been drawing on the notes and scanning them for documentation – then putting them back into circulation on a daily basis.

According to Stefanos it was the lack of reality being displayed on the landscapes featured on the euro banknotes that inspired him to deface the bills in order to bring some truth to light.

To see his full set of creations please visit here, but make sure to refresh the page, are there are far too many to have on just one page!