Hairstyles Of Iconic Pop Culture Characters


Renowned French artist Madani Bendjellal has released his latest project of posters, this time named Hair Max: a playful riddle series that focuses on famous cartoon characters hairstyles.

The art director has chosen to highlight a skill that most of us have but might not know about, and that is that we only need to see one feature of an iconic pop culture character to instantly recognise them. In this case he has used their hair.

In this unique collection featured on various coloured creased paper, we see hairdos from the likes of Homer Simpson, Alf, Aladdin, Betty Boop and many other famous figures.

Take a look at Bendjellal’s website here for a more comprehensive look at his work and to see the rest of Hair Max, and see how many of the iconic characters you can spot instantly from the sample list below.