Homemade Doughnuts - Recipe

donut recipe

Do you go nuts for doughnuts? We certainly do, and this weekend we'll be making some of our very own from the comfort of our home. Here's the recipe so you can too, it serves 6 people and will be ready in 20 minutes, not bad!

What you’ll need:
- 500g plain flour
- 1 tspn baking powder
- 70g sugar
- 1 egg
- 260ml milk
- vegetable oil for frying

1. Sieve the flour and baking powder into a bowl and rub in the butter. Mix in the sugar.Beat egg and milk together. Make a well in the flour mixture and then pour in the eggs and milk. Mix together to form a soft dough.
2. Roll out dough on a well floured surface to about 1cm thick. Cut to shape of choice.
3. Fry in hot oil (at approximately 180 degrees C) for 30 seconds, turn over and cook for a further 30 seconds or until golden brown.
4. Drain on kitchen paper until cool and then roll in sugar or decorate with icing.