How To Spot A Fake Stone Island Item


At this time of year you might be hoping for an extra special Christmas present from Stone Island. Whether you’re buying a coat or jumper it is a big investment and a lot of money so how can you be sure it’s not a fake?

It is our priority to defend the product and ensure our customers aren’t getting ripped off. This is why we have taken the time to research and pass on these key rules to look out for when buying Stone Island.

How to spot a fake Stone Island item.

Top 10 things to look out for are:-

1. If it sounds simple but if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

2. If you are buying from a non-reputable retailer always ask questions.

3. Poor quality fabric, you will more than likely be able to feel the quality of fabric and sense it’s not quite as luxurious or technically advanced as it should be.

4. On jackets and coats the inside label is generally glued or very neatly stitched. Fakes are nearly always stitched and this is not neat and bad quality.

5. The care label, is by far the easiest way to spot a fake. This should include Art number, barcode, drop stitch and scan code. If you flip the main chest badge a fake will be white and slightly stiffer, a real one will be darker- more grey and not as ridged.

6. EAC certificate printed on the care label- this ensures the safety process of the jacket, to ensure it has been fully chemical tested, glue, stitching and fabric. Fakes can contain harmful bacteria’s that could react with skin and cause irritation.

7. The button hole on the label is very straight on fake. Slightly oval on real to allow for ease of use. The buttons should also be highly glossy and deeply engraved with cross detailing rather than holes.

8. If you’re buying a coat this will also come with a paper information drop down sewn near logo- detailing all products used in the process of making.

9. The zips Stone Island only ever use are YKK or Lampo zips.

10. Finally all foremost when all is said and done, Scan the QA code and Stone Island will confirm if the Jacket is real or fake. You can look out for pointers but this is the only sure way to determine the authenticity of your item./p>

Since the spring summer 2014 collection Stone Island has used Certilogo technology and experience to offer customers the possibility of verifying the authenticity of their Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow Products, wherever they were purchased, using the 12- digit Certilogo code on Certilogo.com- on their mobile or scan the QR Code.

For complete peace of mind- order direct form Van Mildert’s website.


If you think you have bought a fake Stone Island Item, you can go to your local authourity and contact their bank to, where possible block payment made to make to a suspected fraudulent site.