How To Wear In Your Autumn Boots

We've all been there. You walk in the Van Mildert store and you see the boots of your dreams. They're black, they're leather and they're exactly what you need. However, don't fall into the trap of buying boots that leave you in agony just for the sake of looking good. Yes, we all know the expression: No pain, no gain. But, seriously, even we draw the line at blisters. Here's a short guide to ensure that you buy the boots that fit and how to avoid those early niggles and pains that so often come at the cost of looking good.

1. Soft leathers and suedes are the most comfortable of boot materials. Check to see if the boot has seams, especially across the sides of your toes. For ultimate comfort a boot should be seamless.

2. If they don’t feel comfortable in the shop, they probably won’t feel comfortable in a few weeks’ time. Buying boots with the intention of wearing them in is a big risk, and one we wouldn’t recommend on taking.

3. Look for a boot that supports the natural arch of your foot and doesn’t feel too flat. The more support your sole receives from your boot, the longer you’ll be able to walk comfortably.

4. Consider the shoe from the front. If the boot is narrow and shallow in depth there will be very limited space for your feet and your toes to move, which could potentially cause corns and blisters. Test the comfort of the boot by moving your toes when trying them on.

5. Blisters are caused by friction, avoid this by making sure no aspects are rubbing or too tight. Around a thumbs width is sufficient at the end of your shoes. All enough space for the height of the front of your shoes; this is known as the toe box.

6. Sock layering can also help to prevent blisters. Also, look for socks in polypropylene and other synthetic wicking fabrics to help reduce moisture.

7. Cotton socks can also become very abrasive when moisture is absorbed. Nylon socks are also useful when reducing friction.

8. Keep your feet nice and dry to avoid painful friction. Talcum powder and corn-starch are most effective.

9. And finally, as a final resort in times of emergency – carry plasters!

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