International Coffee Day - An Animated Guide To Coffee Brewing


We drink coffee because it's good, because it wakes us up, because of morning rituals or afternoons spent with friends. So why not celebrate it? Why not gather everybody, all over the globe, and have a big cup of coffee together? That is the plan for the upcoming International Coffee Day held on 29th September, where people can celebrate coffee in all its diversity, and enjoy the passion that coffee creates in countries that include the United States, Japan, Australia and right here in the UK.

And to tie in with this the folks over at &Orange motion design studio in Koreatown, LA have put together a short, animated, essential guide to the coolest coffee-making methods available.

The video illustrates the many different ways you can brew your favorite morning beverage. From Chemex through to French Press, and with little details such as how finely the coffee should be ground and the average brewing time it makes for pretty great viewing.
Created with a goal to encourage one to broaden their coffee-preparative horizons, the video demonstrates that no matter which way you choose to do it, the end result is always a twist on a drink loved by all.

You can watch the video below, and to visit the &Orange website please see here, and for more information on International Coffee Day head on over to here.