Montblanc Augmented Paper Set


Everything is moving into the digital era……there’s no surprise in that. Soon there’s only going to be pen and paper left untouched……well actually there won’t even be that thanks to Montblanc and their amazing Augmented Paper.

Discover a brand new writing innovation that integrates traditional writing into the digital workflow. Combining the Montblanc Hub phone app (which is free), the Montblanc Augmented Paper, and the Montblanc StarWalker Ballpoint Pen (which comes in the pack with the paper) written notes and sketches can now be transferred from paper to a mobile device with the simple press of a button via Bluetooth Low Energy.


Recognising handwriting in 12 different languages once on the device, the content can be edited, split, shared with others and translated into digital text to increase productivity and performance. You can also search for certainly words or entire sentences.
Providing eight hours of continuous use on its battery it can store up to 100 pages before it needs to be downloaded onto another device, so is a great space saver, especially if you are travelling a lot.


Bringing together the best of both analogue and digital worlds, Augmented Paper pairs the enjoyment of a natural Montblanc writing experience on real paper with the efficiency of digitising work.
It is an essential piece of stationary in an age when almost everything is done digitally, but where we still crave the physical.

Due to be released next month you can find out even more over at montblanc.com