The Stone Island Heat Sensitive Jacket


The latest addition to the new season Stone Island collection secures a firm place in the Italian brand’s legacy. The sublimely executed Heat Sensitive Jacket features three separate layers which combine to make a premium outdoor jacket with proper insulation.

Stone Island have pushed the boundaries of garment design with yet another cutting edge piece. The jacket features an ultra-lightweight translucent nylon tela shell which changes colour according to the temperature. When the temperature drops, the molecules of the coating morphs and the semi-transparent outer fabric turns a darker shade.

Other attributes to the new season jacket includes a water resistant design which features a full zip closure, a multitude of useful pockets and boasts the brands iconic badge logo on the sleeve.

The jacket also ensures complete warmth for the wearer with a premium feathers down jacket in an bright yellow nylon colour, an optional feature which may be removed at the discretion of the wearer.

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