The Surreal Photography Of Bobby Becker


Predominantly part of the series entitled ‘History’, the works of Nashville, Tennessee, based photographer Bobby Becker reflects a world where reality and the impossible intertwine, with fragile boundaries between the two.

Capturing pictures which are entirely unique, Becker effortlessly blends the strange with the surreal to capture each subject’s relationship with location and time, and by succeeding in doing so, Becker vividly tells stories of both human interaction and isolation quite like no other photographer.

The black and white perspective creates an impressive visual contrast, highlighting a struggle or a connection, the sense of fear and captivity, of all and nothingness, light and darkness, death and rebirth, the loss of identity and rediscovery of the self, revealed in a powerful manner and often through clever insertions of geometry and objects of duality.

Thought-provoking and excellently executed, the photography of Bobby Becker (who also use the name Excavate) captures the essence of the situations it represents, resorting to simplicity to unfold the complexity of memory, emotion and perception.

Take a look at a small sample of Becker’s work below, and for a full set of everything he has produced check out his Instagram account here, or here at his Flicker page.