Watch Danny MacAskill's Death Defying Ride Along Scotland's Cuillin Ridgeline


For some people a mountain bike ride over rocky terrain is an adrenalin rush, and for others rock climbing hits the spot. However what do you do for kicks when your day job is listed as ‘Professional Street Trials Rider’? Well apparently you go out in your back yard and scale a rocky mountain range (sometimes carrying your bike on your back) and then descend back down it whilst videoing it all!

Danny MacAskill has been an internet sensation over the past 5 years releasing videos of himself riding in South Africa, Argentina, the USA, and a host of places inbetween, however for his latest exploits the Scottish Red Bull rider went back to his place of birth; the Isle Of Skye, and in particular the Cuillin Mountains.

What followed was a breath taking video. For some viewers the breath-taking aspect will be the stunning Scottish scenery, and for others it will be for the edge of the seat (and edge of the mountain) riding, especially during his GoPro moments. Watch for yourself below.