BMW Black Ice

As dark and evil as a Halloween night the German luxury automaker BMW is back with a sleek and sinister beast as part of its iconic 7 Series. Read on if you dare…

As if the BMW 7 Series wasn’t luxurious enough, the German marque has announced an even more exclusive variant, as you can now go back to black with the Black Ice Edition……a fine balance between a business man and gangster!

Regarding specific features, this blacked-out beast is outfitted with a complete M Sport aerodynamic kit, a set of V-spoke alloy wheels, double grille, alongside glossy black trims, door handles, and boot lid, as well as a frosty metallic finish – achieved due to the base layer of metallic paint being covered with a special matte varnish, which amplifies the silhouette of the car in the right light, giving it a unique shine.
 All this serves to strengthen the Black Ice style……of which there is plenty of mentions via badges.
Features also include laser headlamps, parking assist with a remote control module, a 360-degree vision system, and an Executive Drive Pro package with roadway scanning comes standard on this special edition.

In the cabin, dark finishes and an appropriate black-on-black BMW badge continues the stealthy theme. Elements like Nappa black leather trim, BMW Individual trim finished in Black Piano lacquer, and an Anthracite Alcantara upholstery on the ceiling can be noted, as well as more ‘Black Ice’ badging located on the passenger dash.

The sad news for us Brits though is that you’ll only see it on our roads if it is imported, as BMW has no plans to release it over here.