Crowded Fields

Unlike anything we’ve seen before, photographer Pelle Cass has documented the flurry of activity and movement that occurs during certain sporting events in a unique series of masterfully edited images. Take a look…

The Boston-area based artist Cass attends local college games of varying sports, including basketball, american football, hockey, athletics, and much more, and takes upward of one thousand photographs, and then spends hours editing the photos to arrive at the final composition.

Now although the images you can see above and below are highly edited – with over five hundred Photoshop layers being involved – Cass is quick to note that each and every figure you see in the pictures remain in their original location and position they were in when the photo was taken.

His compositional effort is to understand and convey the visual story that unfolded over the course of the event.  Moments your eyes see without your brain remembering them.
He describes his creation of the picture quite aptly as ‘slow motion Tetris’ in trying to fit various shapes I certain spaces.

To view the rest of Cass’s pictures in this collection, as well as his other projects please visit his official website here.