Originally created in Australia, ever since the Freakshake came to the UK a few years ago their popularity has continued to rise to the point where major food outlets are now stocking them. Outrageously messy, and unbelievably tasty it’s your main meal and dessert all in one!

They first came to the public’s attention in mid-2015 when Pâtissez bakery in Canberra, Australia posted pictures of their gigantic shakes topped with an assortment of brownies, pretzels and puff pastries, and dripping with ridiculous amounts of cream.
It didn’t take long for the Aussie’s to take them to their heart, and within a matter of month they were showing up over this side of the pond, with Newcastle-based The Great British Cupcakery one of the first to get onboard when they launched their ‘Geet Big Shakes Up North’ - a full pint of tasty shake goodness available in a variety of Geordie-themed flavours such as 'Canny Caramel', 'Cushty CookieDough', 'Choccy Road' and 'Vanilla Thrilla'.
And since then they are now cropping up across the whole country.

Basically the idea with Freakshakes is to pile up as much of everything as you possibly can - in other words, it doesn’t matter what you use as long as you use lots of it.
The best description we heard of them was that they look like kind of thing a six-year-old would dream up.

Easy ingredients include cold-brewed coffee, espresso, chocolate milk, ice creams, syrups, sauces (such as chocolate, liquorice or caramel), milk, coconut milk, condensed milk, cookies, sweets…… the list is endless.  And don’t forget salty toppings such as finger salt or pretzel sticks either.
A lot of the Freakshakes are epic super-sweat treats that are guaranteed to indulge your inner sweet tooth, although at their best (or worst) Freakshakes can be so over-the-top that they may even come with a burger or some other bizarre topping on them, with the latest one we saw from a Yorkshire company being pulled pork and cheese!

Another great thing about Freakshakes is that they’re so fun and easy to make.  One good way is to chuck your ingredients in the blender and top it all with a mountain of whipped cream.  And it’s not a Freakshake if you don’t prop up as many other bits and pieces on top of the cream that you can possibly bear.

It’s normally at this point that we usually include a recipe, but with so many options available it really would be unfair to choose one to single out, so go get your Freak On yourself, and create a masterpiece!