Land Art

British artist and photographer Richard Shilling makes sculptures purely from natural materials. There’s no glue, strings, tape or tack involved, and everything is created where it’s found, and then left to the elements to reclaim the materials back to nature. Take a look at some of his stunning creations.

Leaves, twigs, pebbles, branches, rocks, and much more, so long as it has come from mother nature you can be sure Richard Shilling will have used it. From the intricate to the robust, and from something a small as your hand, to something as big as a shed there is no limit to what he can create.

Every sculpture is photographed in natural light, using normal camera equipment and without any photoshop trickery. Each photo accurately depicts how each sculpture appeared, at its most vibrant moment, before the elements reclaim the materials back to nature in the perfect cycle of life and march of time.

Through his ongoing relationship with nature he explores themes to do with time, ecology and the constant flux of the seasons and expresses these ideas through his unique land art images.

Take a look at a sample of his wonderful creations below, and please check out his official website here which contains galleries, projects, and much more information.