The Beach-Ready 500

For it’s 60th Anniversary Fiat have released a modern but accurate version of its classic 500 Spiaggina. However, in a special twist the iconic city car has been transformed into a ‘Jolly’ beach-ready beauty.

The Fiat 500 Spiaggina made its debut on July 4th 1958 and proved hugely successful.  Now the ‘Jolly’ as it was dubbed is making a comeback is a joint venture between Fiat and Garage Italia.

The first thing that strikes you is the colour; Summer hues of Blue Volare and Perla White instantly lift your spirits, with the two-tone vibe both outside and in. 

This is strictly a 2-person deal though, as gone are the rear seats and in their place is a sun deck made of slatted cork, that is meant to mimic the decking on yachts, which extends when the boot is opened.  As well as space to hold all the essentials for a trip away to the seaside, this compartment also houses a built-in shower to wash away beach at the end of the day.

Continuing the nautical theme, the car bears a low front deflector screen – though this can be replaced with a more traditional windscreen if desired.  It also contains a roll hoop that is non-negotiable.  What is an option though is that for all it has been designed to be continental left hand drive it can be made right hand drive for UK buyers.
Please be aware though that in a change to the original it does not come with any form of roof, whereas the original came with an additional fabric canopy.

As for the interior there’s no individual seats, as these have been replaced with a tailor-made bench design that was typical of early version of the 500.
Upholstered in waterproof (for obvious reasons) blue and white leather, all the metal parts such as handles, mirrors, and rims are finished with polished chrome.

With a 1.2 litre engine apparently the only option, producing a very leisurely 68 bhp it’s not going to be one for the petrol heads, but should add to the calm aspect of the Jolly.

It is being limited to just 1958 units (a link to its D.O.B.) when it is released in September, with a price yet to be announced.

For more information please keep an eye out of both the Fiat and Garage Italia websites.