The Cardboard House

If you were thinking of building a house it seems pretty obvious you wouldn’t use cardboard to create it. Or would you? A construction studio has, and to great success. Sustainably built, and fully customised the Wikkelhouse can be delivered and installed in less than a day, and for a fraction over £25,000.

Created by Amsterdam-based construction studio Fiction Factory, The Wikkelhouse is made of 24 layers of compressed cardboard, which is wrapped around a huge mold and finished with a protective film and a layer of wooden slats. The sandwiched cardboard formation creates heat insulation and an adaptable structure that is about eight times more durable than traditional construction.

In fact the word Wikkelen means wrap……hence the name.

Created in April last year the idea has really taken off, with the Wikkelhouse company stating there are houses on rivers and rooftops, in nature reserves and cities, and one Wikkelman house is actually being used as a university classroom in Amsterdam.
The company is even developing a Wikkelhouse boutique real estate office in the heart of Amsterdam's business district.

And because the house is modular – made from 1.2m segments – it can be extended to any size. You can even change it later, should you want to make it larger or smaller.

This isn’t a here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of construction either. It is designed to last 50 years, although some experts are stating that this is a very conservative figure, and it could easily in the correct environment and climate last 100 years.

Currently available to be delivered to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, UK and Scandinavia for more information please pay a visit to the official website here.