The North Awakens

The stunning video The North Awakens sends you right into the rough and beautiful landscapes of Iceland where you can get the most magic moments regardless whether it’s day or night. If the ‘Land of Fire & Ice’ wasn’t on your bucket list already it will be after this.

Once upon a time getting drone footage was a big deal, but then it seemed like almost everyone started doing it, and video of landscapes, cities, etc were common place, and the end result was that it kind of lost its sparkle.
Now-a-days you have to do something pretty special to stand out……however that’s just what artists Jonathan Besler, Kevin May, and Florian Gampert have done with The North Awakens.

The ‘Land of Fire & Ice has never been more beautifully portrayed than with this footage of the Nordic island, with the eye-catching footage including blissful waterfalls, rugged stony mountains, glaciers, and of course the Northern Lights.

Captured on a variety of gadgets including a Phantom 4 Pro Drone, a Sony A7SII as well as a Nikon D850, check out the video below.