The Treetop Experience

Architectural studio EFFEKT's Treetop Experience observation tower aims to offer a breathtaking panoramic view of a preserved forest and out over Denmark.

The 600-metre treetop walkway plans to be connected to a spiraling 45 metre-high observation tower with 360-degree views over the forest canopy of the Glisselfeld Kloster forest in Haslev, Denmark.

Shaped like an hourglass, the 45-metre observation tower will be surrounded by a lattice of Corten steel, designed to provide structural support whilst minimising the obstruction of the surrounding forest vistas and blending in subtly with the surrounding natural colours.

The enlarged base and crown of the tower is intended to offer both structural support and will allow for better contact to the forest canopy.

Starting at ground level, the ramp will lead visitors over a split-level bridge, and up around the first helical ramp, which then flattens out to an elevated path through the forest canopy.  Finally visitors will arrive at the spiraling ramp of the 13 tiers of the observation tower – concluding at the 360-degree viewing platform, metres above the treetops.

Glisselfeld Kloster is characterised by a hilly landscape that is rare in the notoriously flat region, with lakes, creeks and areas of wetlands.  The walkway will be split into two sections, with the higher path passing through the older sections of the forest, while the lower path will be level with the younger saplings and trees.

The continuous ramp will be fully accessible, with diverse design features – including bleacher seating; an aviary; looping pathways; and bridges – bringing variation to the viewing experience. 

The UK has something of a similar design with the winding path through the canopy of trees at Kew Gardens, and for more information on the Treetop Experience please head on over to the design studio’s website here.