The Volcanic House

If you were thinking of places not to build a house, we’re confident ‘on an active volcano’ would rank pretty high on practically everyone’s list……that is unless you are designer Will Beilharz. What’s more is that you can actually rent a night at the Phoenix House.

Named after the fictional animal that is known for reemerging from the ashes and rebirthing The Phoenix House is not only on an active volcano, it is on THE most active volcano in the world – Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island, which has been constantly erupting since 1983.

It was designed and created by Will Beilharz who as the founder of ArtisTree, which focuses on residential and commercial tree houses wanted to add it to his portfolio. It’s not technically a treehouse, but it is raised off the floor on shorts stilts.

Combining sustainability with modern design the exterior is made up of blackened wood (blackened using the ancient Japanese charring technique of Shou Sugi Ban) and recycled rusted metal to compliment the home’s surroundings.
uses solar energy and rainwater collection to power your phone, camera, plus the home's fan and shower. But you aren't without your regular creature comforts, even if you're smack in the middle of a desolate lava field: The home comes with high-speed wi-fi.

The 450-square foot two storied home is split into three tiered sections, at the highest point you’ll find a double bed (not a bedroom) that can be accessed from a wooden ladder. Large windows provide views across the desolate expanse, while patio doors open from the ground-floor living space onto a small balcony.

And to put it in scale of just how close you are to the ‘action’, you can actually see from the windows the steam rising up as lava almost continuously reaches the sea and starts to cool down.

If you’re getting hot under the collar with excitement he home is currently available to rent on Airbnb with prices starting at a very reasonable £75 a night.