1201 Laurel Way in the Infamous Beverly Hills

As you drive down the incredible Laurel Way in Beverly Hills, California, you won't find a piece of grass out of place, a pool that isn't crystal clear and a mansion that doesn't house some sort of billionaire. Laurel Way isn't just for the rich, it's for the super SUPER rich

However, one of the most talked about properties is number 1201, an architectural masterpiece some have called it and almost certainly Tony Stark from Iron Man would have proudly called it his home. The property is owned and developed by Richard Papalian and impressively designed by Michael Palumbo, and has just recently been revealed to the public.

Whilst flicking through the pictures we can tell you that this place really does exist We swear, it hasn't just been dreamed up by some Hollywood producer for a playboy billionaire, it's a real life creation that's taken visionary and excellence to build. Featuring six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and surrounded by a 'moat' the property sits high in the sky and cinematic views over the coastline of California and Downtown Los Angeles can be seen.

Built with only the views in mind, Palumbo and his team built floor-to-ceiling windows and designed an open plan interior which allows the owner to flow from room to room. Now a Beverly Hills mansion wouldn't be that if it didn't have a pool and 1201 doesn't disappoint. Head out on to the large terrace and you'll find a zero-end infinity pool that appears to simply 'fall off' the edge.

If you wanted your very own slice of heaven in the hills, you'll be thrilled to know that the property comes fully furnished and even includes bathroom towels It's just a shame it'll knock you back a cool $36 million (approx £22 million). Yeah, we fell off our chair too...