Crowded Fields

Unlike anything we’ve seen before, photographer Pelle Cass has documented the flurry of activity and movement that occurs during certain sporting events in a unique series of masterfully edited images. Take a look…


Sony World Photo Awards 2018

After a record-breaking 319,560 images from more than 200 different countries and territories were entered, Sony has revealed the winners of the World Photography Awards 2018, and as you may expect they are nothing short of spectacular, breathtaking, unusual, and everything in between.


50 Years Of Puma Suede

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Puma Suede trainer the German sportswear specialists partnered up with Australian artist CJ Hendry to create a larger than life portrait of the iconic footwear.


The Art Of Breakfast

Millions of people start the day with a fried egg or two, but none of them can cook it quite like Michele Baldini. You could even say what he serves up is a work of art……quite literally. With a canvas of a black frying pan this is an eggs-hibit you don’t want to miss.


Witenry: Everyday Art

Adam Hillman lists his job simply as an ‘Object Arranger’, but it goes a lot deeper than that. Under the alias Witenry he organises everyday objects into precise geometric arrangements and takes pictures of them. The end results of his obsession have led to one of the most rapidly followed accounts on Instagram.


Land Art

British artist and photographer Richard Shilling makes sculptures purely from natural materials. There’s no glue, strings, tape or tack involved, and everything is created where it’s found, and then left to the elements to reclaim the materials back to nature. Take a look at some of his stunning creations.


The Miniature Calendar

What started out with a piece of Broccoli has now quite literally turned into 365 days a year project for artist and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka. He takes everyday objects and interjects tiny miniature figures to create a bigger picture. It’s fun, imaginative and guaranteed to put a smile on your face every day.


EXCEL-lent Art

When Tatsuo Horiuchi retired he decided he wanted to take up art. However not wanting to purchase art equipment he did what any normal 77-year old man did……he turned to Microsoft Excel! What he has created since on the spreadsheet software is truly remarkable.


The ReBlink Exhibition

ReBlink is a augmented reality installation that remixes historic pieces of art and updates them with modern technologies and products that drive our daily lives. Simply point a device at a painting and change history.


3D Screw Art

Art comes in all forms – we’ve known that for years, but never have we seem something as ingenious and creative as this. Andrew Myers brings to you 'Screw Art'.