2014 Travel Destination Wishlist

From St Barts in the Caribbean to Coachella in LA, here at Van Mildert we've put together our 2014 travel destination wishlist, in the hopes that we can jet off somewhere incredible that we're unlikely to forget. Take a look below at our top destinations and see if you agree with us.

1. St Barts
For such a small Caribbean island, the possibilities to see and do there are endless. From white sandy beaches, to luxurious beach front villas and exquisite restaurants you'll be in for a holiday of a lifetime It's also the destination choice of pretty much every A-list celebrity (think Beyonce, Simon Cowell, Kate Moss, Denzel Washington - just to name a few) is one of the reasons why we'd love to go and explore. Due to its small capacity and remoteness, you can guarantee you won't be disturbed and can lay peacefully on the golden sands whilst baking in the Caribbean sun - well, until Paul McCartney asks you to rub cream onto his back...

2. L.A. California
Now I know L.A. may not scream 'holiday wishlist' but it's somewhere us Van Mildert staff would love to pay a visit and not necessarily for Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive, we're thinking of Coachella. The ultimate weekend music festival that brings music lovers together from across the globe. Packed full of famous celebs as well, we would love to dance the night away in the glorious California sun, rubbing shoulders with Cara Delevigne whilst listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - bliss.

3. Switzerland
If you're a skiing or snowboarding fanatic then you'll agree with us on this one, the Swiss Alps is somewhere that we'd love to go and let rip on the slopes. Whether it's the Jungfrau, Lake Thun or Heidiland region we're not fussy, just as long as we can suit up, hit the slopes and chill with a hot chocolate in a log cabin. If you fancy being a daredevil then we suggest that you try heli-boarding - skip the ski lifts and go up by helicopter that will drop you on to the mountain, ready to snowboard. We'll let you try this one first...

4. Hayman Island
Private Islands can't get much more luxurious than this and whilst you may have this preconception of 'nothing to do on a beach', think again. You'll have front row views of Australia's Great Barrier Reef and enjoy action-packed activities including water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, snorkelling and more. And if adventure isn't your thing, simply book yourself into one of the spas and relax for the duration of your stay. Perfecto