50 Famous Cars From 50 Years Of Film & TV


There are some film and tv characters that wouldn't be complete without their mode of transport – you couldn’t picture Batman going to fight crime on foot without the Batmobile, or the Ghostbusters saving New York City via public transport instead of the crazy looking Ecto 1 - and sometimes vehicles are the star of the show like in the Horror Film Christine, or the legendary series Knight Rider (admittedly The Hoff is awesome, but you know what we mean).

However would you be able to put together an iconic vehicle for every year for the past 50 years. It’s harder than it seems, but featuring illustrations by Scott Parker the guys at Jalopnik have put together an excellent video timeline showcasing just that.
Starting with Green Hornet's 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown, right the way through to Rey's Speeder in The Force Awakens and covering everything you can remember in between……and probably quite a few you also forgot. Now we know they aren’t all aren’t technically ‘cars’, but we’re surely you’ll agree it makes for a great quick watch.

Of course every list is open to interpretation, and ridicule – that’s why there’s an ‘extras’ section at the end – but even with that we feel the omission of Magnum’s red Ferrari, and the great Optimus Prime from Transformers are two glaring, and you'll probably have some more.

Take a look at the video below, and see how many of your predictions are included, and for more videos and information from Jalopnik please visit here, and for loads more illustration by Scott Parker please head here.