Beach Volleyball World Championships

So when we discovered that our favourite sport to watch and admire (beach volleyball of course) is returning for its annual World Championships, we couldn’t have been smiling wider. However, the fatal blow arrived soon after with the announcement of a serious wardrobe rule change and the thought of having not as many ‘peachy’ shots this year has left us feeling a little blue.

A female uniform rule change means that the days of mandatory bikinis are sadly over. Competitors can now have the option to wear loose fitting shorts and long sleeved tops if they choose. This rule change has been cheered and jeered in equal measure, and actually came into practice before the London 2012 Olympics, but we’re pretty sure most people just thought the players at the time were trying to keep a bit warmer during our typical English summer

Even if the new rule is here to stay, we can only hope that players still opt for ‘traditional’ wear so we can all enjoy. For more tournament information (and to view more cheeky shots) visit the FIVB website.