Beat The Traffic Jams With AeroMobil


The recent surge in traffic jams on the A19 has had the Van Mildert team wondering about a quicker and easier way to reach the office in the morning and I think we may have just found the answer in AeroMobil.

AreoMobil takes the best of both the car and the aviation worlds and merges them into a force to be reckoned with, meaning you’ll never have to sit stationary in a traffic jam again.

With a super light-weight steel framework and carbon coating, the AeroMobil can reach a top speed of 100mph on land and 124mph in the air, making this two-seater plane-car hybrid a pretty nifty way to get from A to B.

At 6m long and with a 8.2m wingspan the AeroMobil is no Mini Cooper but with just the flick of a switch and a few seconds wait you can fold the wings in to make the vehicle just 1.6m wide and just big enough to fit into the average parking space.


It’s also designed to run on regular car fuel – just image the look on people’s faces as you touch down on the forecourt of your local petrol station…

Creators Štefan Klein (previously a BMW researcher and designer) and Juraj Vaculík (a former advertiser, political activist and theatre manager) have spent 20 years researching, designing, planning and making the AeroMobil but unfortunately it is not due out for another few years.

There’s also no word on a price for the AeroMobil yet, but mark my word we’ll be keeping an eye out for one.

Watch it in action below.