Becoming Zlatan Docu-Film Trailer


On the pitch he has pretty much rewritten the record books, but away from it football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an enigma, however in this story from his breakthrough years, he - for a moment - gives some glimpses into who he really is.

In Becoming Zlatan the film tells the story of the Swedish football player during his formative years, through archival footage, including rare interviews with a young Ibrahimovic where he speaks about his personal life and the obstacles he has met along the way. The film follows Ibrahimovic from his debut with Swedish club Malmö FF in 1999, through his turbulent years with Dutch club AFC Ajax all the way up to his break through with Italian club Juventus FC. The film follows him as a troubled youth with seemingly insurmountable challenges faced in his private life all the way to his break through as an International star on the global stage. As a talented young player Ibrahimovic is faced with constant pressure of living up to his expectations, while balancing the challenges he faces at home and in his career path.


His stock has never been higher. He is currently the biggest free agent on the market having announced his intention to leave French club Paris St Germain when his contract expires later this month. Now normally for a player that will be turning 35 later this year there would be clubs clambering for his signature, however when you can boast that the last 6 clubs you have been at have all won their respective leagues, you can understand why clubs are.
Oh and talking about boasting, you won’t find many better quote machines than Zlatan. A quick google of Zlatan quotes will inundate you with some classics. Self-confidence is now not an issue, but it’s no wonder. In a 17 year career so far he has won 13 league titles, and countless other cups and trophies at club, European, and world level.

Currently preparing for Euro 2016 along with the Swedish team, and announcement on his new club should be revealed in the upcoming weeks, with the Premiership a very likely destination.

Becoming Zlatan is released on June 24th, but you can see the trailer below. Please be aware that the trailer contains a couple of swear words.

Becoming Zlatan International trailer from WG Film on Vimeo.