Ben Afflek To Play Batman

DC comic fans have been going wild on social media with the news that Ben Affleck is to play Batman in the upcoming 2015 Superman sequel. The fans will no doubt be watching closely as he has to follow a pretty outstanding performance from Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy.

The yet-to-be-named film first sparked interest way back in 2007, when in 'I Am Legend' starring Will Smith gave viewers a glimpse into the future. While Smith was roaring through an abandoned Times Square in a red Mustang the camera panned across a series of billboards, one of which advertised a Superman/Batman film to be released in 2010, the date was wrong but the idea was certainly in the pipeline.

How far will Affleck go to perform the roll of one of the most recent favourite comic heroes on the big screen? And will the film see a teaming up or a head-to-head clash before the rumoured 'Justice League' film is released?