Blueberry Mojito Sorbet

Okay, so it may only be Monday but that still doesn't stop us thinking about the bank holiday weekend that lies ahead, and it that's time that we start the food and drink bank hol preparations It's set to be another glorious week/weekend so we've found the perfect desert and pre-drinks cocktail - Blueberry Mojito Sorbet. To serve up the perfect treat, see below:

    • 30g fresh lime juice
    • 30g water
    • 100g sugar
    • 30g packed mint leaves
    • 400g fresh blueberries
    • 2 tbls of white/light rum

Combine lime juice, water and sugar together in a saucepan over medium heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and then add mint to the pan, cover and leave for 20 minutes. Next step is to blend the blueberries then remove the mint from the liquid and and to the blended blueberries, add the rum and pulse. Sieve the sorbet to remove the skin and seeds from the mixture. Cover the mixture and put in the fridge to chill for 4 hours and once chilled, place in the freezer and cover with parchment or plastic. Leave for a further 4 hours and you're set to go

For full recipe instructions click here