Chicago Timelapse Project, Windy City Nights II


With photographic and video technology getting more affordable and easily accessible we are starting to see more and more timelapse video from around the world. This one however is head and shoulders above everything else we have we have watched recently.

In releasing his second Chicago Timelapse Project, photographer Max Wilson presents 'Windy City Nights 2'. Wilson captured the conglomeration of footage over an 18-month span, as he aimed at highlighting the beloved city in ways that may not ordinarily be seen.


To quote Max:

Windy City Nights II is all about my continuing passion for shooting night timelapse photography in a city I truly appreciate for its inspiring views and beauty. This project is a continuation of my first Chicago Timelapse movie and I have been shooting for the past 18 months in my spare time in this amazing city to try and capture what your eyes do not see normally. There is something special about looking down on streets of gold and taking in the view.

Windy City Nights II is also about making new connections with Chicagoans and meeting new people who have assisted me throughout my journey. I truly appreciate all the new connections I have made who helped make this movie possible. My journey has been interesting with lots of rewards and filled with challenges. Chicago is not an easy city to get around with a few hundred pounds of gear and hauling it up to rooftops and other tight spaces where it sits in awkward places for long periods of time. After spending hours and days setting up shots and developing them, it's nice to see a pretty image come to life in the form of a timelapse. It really makes me appreciate this city and all it’s uniqueness it offers. It’s not an easy process as any timelapse photographer will tell you; however, it’s very rewarding in the end. I continue to learn and am always being inspired by a rich photography community Chicago has to offer.

The gear I used to make this project are Canon 5D Mark III’s and Canon 1DX’s camera bodies as well as numerous Canon L and Cine Lenses. Motion control gear I used was the Kessler Second Shooter paired with the CineSlider and the DitoGear OmniSliders. Software used to process my timelapse sequences were LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

After experiencing these unique views and vantage points via the footage below, be sure to visit Max’s website here to explore his other work.

Chicago Timelapse Project, Windy City Nights II from Max Wilson on Vimeo.