Christmas In A Day

Now exceeding over 1 millions views on YouTube, Christmas In a Day is a 48 minute film that tells the story of Christmas Day through a medley of home videos taken over last year's festive period. Funded by Sainsbury's - who used a trailer for their Christmas ad campaign - the film took 14 months to create and uses over over 360 hours of footage taken from 114 families around the UK.

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland and Marley), and produced by Ridley Scott (Alien and Blade Runner), the inspiring, unique film features overjoyed children, dancing Santas, drunken uncles and a superb heartwarming scene involving a father returning home from Afghanistan. So grab yourself a cuppa and mince pie, sit back, relax and enjoy this epic mishmash of Christmas. I'm definitely feeling festive now.