Van Mildert's Christmas Jumper Wishlist

As we sit eating chocolate coins looking ahead to the weekend's work Christmas party, it is safe to say that the festive feelings are well underway here at Van Mildert HQ. As a result, plans for our Christmas Jumper day on December 23rd are already in full swing. In celebration of this, and to inspire the members of staff without any yuletide sartorial master plans, here is Van Mildert's Christmas jumper wishlist: 

Christmas Jumper

1. Aside from looking like he's been out on the brandy until the early hours of Christmas morning, this chap couldn't look more festive if he tried with this stunning snowman and teddy bear embroidery piece. Finished with rosy-red button fastening and some sleek present and snowflake detailing, this Crimbo cardy is the prefect choice if you want to raise eyebrows around the dinner table. 

Reindeer Christmas Sweater

2. If subtlety is your thing, then blend into the crowd with this understated reindeer sweater. With this Christmas wardrobe staple you will not only light up the dark winter evenings with the jumper's accompanying fairy lights feature, but you will also light up the faces of others with your radiant festivity. The sleek, imitation robin to the shoulder adds even more Christmas points to this piece. As if they were needed. 

Women's Christmas Jumper

3. This avant-garde piece is at the forefront of festive fashion, crossing traditional Christmas design with a modern, edgy twist. A full-front zip fastening makes this cardigan very easy to wear and the ribbed collar neckline only adds to the warmth and comfort. However, the innocent and playful snowmen detailing is sharply juxtaposed with some risqué bell embellishments which are sure to cause more problems than they solve around the dinner table. 

Cheesy Christmas Jumper

4. The perfect party attire, this upcycled sweater comes with a fabulous tinsel finish which works wonders at accentuating the classic fairisle pattern underneath. This modern take on a traditional classic boasts a detachable full-length tie with Christmas gift design, a trio of statement baubles and contrasting Santa with textile beard making this an ideal piece for any Christmas activity. Couple with black shorts to truly complete the look.

Obama Christmas Jumper

5. The final addition to our Christmas jumper collection sees the most powerful man in the world, President Barack Obama, trapped for eternity in the body of one of Santa's playful elves. This monochrome jumper is brought to life with the colourful felt body and mittens of Elf Obama, and his cute little elf bow. Explaining this one to your Grandma is sure to make a thrilling Christmas day pastime. 

Sadly, none of these Christmas jumpers are available online at Van Mildert. However, we do have some designer jumpers and sweaters for men and women which are perfect for the holiday season.