Cubes: Raw Food Art


Amsterdam-based artists Lernert and Sander have put together an eye-catching piece of art involving an assortment of different kinds of raw foods that has got the VM office talking.

Titled Cubes, the piece consists of 98 raw pieces of fruits, meats, fish and vegetables that have been symmetrical sliced up into 2cm x 2cm x 2 cm cubes, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing display.

This piece was commissioned by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant as part of a culinary photography special, and must’ve involved a seriously sharp knife!

If you’re struggling to identify some of them then you can find a more detailed picture of the cubes here, and to see to see one reddit user thinks is the answer to what cubes are what please see here, although we’re not too sure how accurate they are.

You can check out more of Lernert and Sander’s works here on their website.