Disintegrating II by Fabian Oefner

A few years ago we brought you Ferrari California T Gets A Highspeed UV Paint Job which in renowned Swiss artist Fabian Oefner spraying neon paint with glow-in-the-dark pigment on a brand new Ferrari at 150 mph, and the result was spectacular.
Well Oefner is now back with another equally stunning piece of art entitled Disintegrating II.

It is actually a follow up to a project 3 years ago that appears to show high performance cars that appear to have blown apart - exploring essential questions about the relationship of time and reality, ultimately creating a visually rich rendition of a moment that never existed.

This time around Oefner has created five additional photographs. Each one representing a staggering amount of time, dedication and attention to detail.






Oefner began by sketching out on paper where each individual piece of the exploding car image would go, then after painstakingly disassembling an intricate scale model he photographed each piece in it’s own place – held there with tiny needles and pieces of thread. After that came hours and hours of post-production to stitch the individual pictures together, giving the illusion of a single disintegrating car image.

Oefner says the finished product is one of the slowest ‘high speed’ images ever, with each one taking almost two months from start to finish.

The cars involved in this series are the Auto Union Type C, Maserati 250F, Ford GT40, Bugatti 57 SC, and Porsche 956.

Have a look at the short video below to find out about the artist`s process, and for the rest of his projects please visit his website here.