Glastonbury Festival 2015


Next week sees the start of the legendary Glastonbury Festival, and whereas most of us with be watching it on the tv and the listening on the radio, those who will be in attendance will be well underway with their preparations, and no doubt checking the weather forecast.

Unfortunately for the 135,000 in attendance the predicted forecast doesn’t look too great, although there shouldn’t be any swamp pictures as in years gone by.

Speaking of the 135,000, a new record was set as that ticket allocation sold out in just 25 minutes, as demand clearly outstripped supply.

It is actually a 5 day festival from Wednesday till Sunday with music every night, although things become a lot more serious from Friday onwards when the tv cameras and big bands and artists arrive.
In addition to contemporary music though, the festival hosts dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts.


A common misconception is that the Glastonbury Festivals actually takes place in the town of Glastonbury, and for all it does take its name from the town in Somerset it is actually held on the outskirts of the village of Pilton which has a population of just 998. All 998 villagers do get a free ticket to the event though.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten that Glasto raises millions of pounds each year for good causes which is testament to the founder of the event Michael Eavis, and his daughter and co-organiser Emily.

This year there was some panic that with just over a week to go the Friday main headliners the Foo Fighters has to pull out after lead singer Dave Ghrol broke his leg. The top spot was then filled by Florence And The Machine who were due to play before the Foos.

Kanye West will headline Saturday which has again sparked debates and split opinion on whether this is good or bad for Glastonbury the same way Jay-Z did in 2008, and his wife Beyonce did in 2011, and legendary rockers The Who will headline the Sunday slot which will coincide with the bands 50th anniversary.

For a list of bands and artists playing over the 3 main days and what time they will be on please see the list below, and visit the official website here.