Hendo - The World's First Hoverboard


The hoverboard… It’s something that anyone who has watched Back To The Future has dreamed about ever since and now it is almost upon us. Meet the Hendo.

After seeing a handful of almost-realistic fake hoverboard videos on the internet over the past couple of months, we approached the Hendo Kickstarter page and its promise of being the ‘world’s first hoverboard’ with great caution.

Seemingly too good to be true, the Hendo floats roughly one inch off the ground completely free of friction thanks to Magnetic Field Architecture (or MFA) – a cutting-edge technology developed by Hendo top dog, Greg Henderson.

Without going too much into the science, MFA works where many technologies have failed before it and works so well that there is even scope to use it in buildings to lessen the damage from earthquakes and floods. Impressive stuff.


Back to the hoverboards. Hendo are currently raising funds on their Kickstarter page so that the Hendo can become a real, sellable product - but it doesn't stop there. Since the Hendo Hoverboard currently needs to be above a certain kind of conductive metal in order to hover (yeah… sorry, that means no hovering down your street and into town just yet), they’re also going to make the world’s first hoverboard skate park (pictured above).

They’re offering a huge range of rewards for pledgers from t-shirts and sticks to prototype Hendo boards to a place on their brain trust, so if you want to become part of the future of how humans get from A to B, head over to their Kickstarter and give them some money.

The Hendo is due to be unveiled on October 21 2015 - the date of the hoverboard chase in Back to the Future Part II.

Watch the pretty impressive Hendo video below, or click here to find out more.