It's All A Pipe Dream...

So the infamous Mr Musk has decided his next adventure is to transport passengers travelling between LA and San Francisco through a vacuum like tube; a journey that will only take a mere 30 minutes. Elon Musk is a South African inventor and entrepreneur, most famously known for co-founding massive global companies including PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

His latest project is ‘Hyperloop’, a high-speed solar powered public transport system that will rocket its passengers in aluminium pods through 800 miles of steel tubes. This has left me in two minds; one half is thinking ‘is this guy completely nuts’ and the other... ‘how cool would that be

According to designs, electric motors will be placed 70 miles apart so the rocket/machine/human propeller can maintain its speed. Wondered how you’re going to breathe whilst on this thing? Fear not, standard compressors will be installed to ensure passengers experience a low pressure environment.

Word on the street is that Elon Musk’s latest project will cost a whopping $6 billion and he’s currently drawing up plans for a fully functional prototype to demonstrate his crazy, yet somewhat amazing idea. The idea was only released this week and critics have already been on the case about eco-efficiency and safety, but c’mon let’s give the lad a chance.

Want to find out more and view some pretty great images? The guys over at Forbes have provided just that. Take a peak