Melissa - Pioneers of Plastic Fashion Footwear

Melissa Shoes

Melissa shoes have been on the feet of the world’s most fashionable women for over three decades, with many people finding a soft spot in their heart for their simple, colourful but largely understated designs.

The Melissa range can be found in over 80 different countries around the world, and it is no surprise to see them so widely accepted when the brand offers a plethora of styles, designs and colours, enough to cater for anyone’s sartorial needs – heels, flats, boots, sandals, wedges … Melissa has mastered them all.

The brand are well-known for pioneering the use of plastic as a fashion footwear material 25 years ago and although many big name brands tried to follow the concept, none could match the same quality and design as Melissa plastic shoes.

Many of the world’s leading designers have collaborated with Melissa over the years to produce limited collections of the brand’s iconic plastic shoes and it is a testament to the footwear giant that the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Some of Melissa’s most successful collaborations to date include collections with Vivienne Westwood, John Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfield, Jason Wu and J. Maskrey – impressive by anyone’s standards.

What’s more, the brand also have a dedication to creating a fully eco-friendly product. All Melissa footwear is made completely cruelty-free, so no animal testing of any kind is carried out at any part of the process, the materials used are 100% eco-friendly and everything is put together in a simple design which can be easily disassembled and recycled. Production is based in the brand’s native Brazil, where the process is carefully watched over to ensure the very best working conditions for all shoe-makers and employees.

Looking back on these accolades it is no wonder that Melissa have picked up a strong celebrity following, with stars such as Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and Anne Hathaway regularly spotted in their glamorous Melissa plastics.

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