Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

"Merry Christmas ya filthy animal... And a Happy New Year" has got to be one of the most memorable and most recited quotes at Christmas, and it comes from our favourite Christmas film of all time - Home Alone. Who would have thought that little Kevin McCallister aka the weirdly wonderful Macaulay Culkin, would have stood the test of time and still be as popular now (if not more) 23 years later?

So as hardcore Home Alone fans (it's a definite watch on Christmas Eve) we've brought you our favourite and most memorable Home Alone 1 and 2 moments including Harry Marv and Bozo the Clown. Sit back, relax and enjoy - we know you're going to go and watch it now...

1. Kevin decides to wash, shower, shave and aftershave like a grown up. Here we give you "Slap and ARRRGHHHHHHHH" - Home Alone 1

2. Showcasing some series winter Olympic skills, Kevin takes sledging to the next level. Presenting "Epic Sledge" - Home Alone 1

3. The return of our favourite criminals Harry and Marv and the legendary skeleton moment. Here we give you "Harrry... Harrrrrrryyyyyyy" - Home Alone 2

4. Bozo the Clown makes his film debut whilst singing and dancing in the shower. "I'm the King of the Cool Jerk" - Home Alone 2

5. Last but very not least, the classic gansgter movie 'Angles With Dirty Faces' scene that we've aptly named "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" - Home Alone 1