Olaya Metro Station

Okay so we all know what the average subway/underground station looks like and to be fair, it’s pretty grim... but imagine entering a dune-shaped station complete with a picnic area, roof sports, water features, Wi-Fi coverage, public garden and an undulating cascading roof, you’d think you were dreaming right?

Well German firm ‘Gerber Architekten’ has designed the ultimate metro station in Saudi Arabia to help transform the area into the capitol of urban living. The project will be located at one of the most important junctions in Saudi, connecting Olaya Street, King Farhad road and the King Abdullah freeway and is designed to reflect the infamous sand dunes of the desert.

The station itself will feature two crossing subway lines and four gallery levels with the added comfort of public and private transport to and from the station. Interestingly enough, this will be the first time a city in this region will be reached by public transport. Logistics aside, we think it looks pretty darn cool