Saturday Night At The Movies

So picture yourself rolling up in your convertible Cadillac, sipping on a milkshake and waiting for the film credits to start. You’d think you were in 1950s America right? Maybe not, as the famous Grand Palais in Paris has been transformed into a drive-in cinema.

The Venue

Located under the spectacular glass roof of the Parisian Grand Palais (once home to Chanel fashion shows and art exhibitions) a huge 35sqm screen has been erected, so thousands of movie-goers can enjoy the classics and have their own John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John moment. The perfect excuse to put on your 50s dress, grab a soda and popcorn, and sit back and relax

What’s On

That French lot have thought about everything, so you can watch classic cult movies including Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing and Grease, as well as the latest blockbuster film Star Trek: Into the Darkness. If you want more than just a film then fear not – grab your roller skates and head to the dance floor



Don’t worry, parking won’t be an issue as you can settle yourself and get comfy in one of the 35 pre-parked convertible Fiat 500s, fully equipped with wireless headphones Pretty cool huh?


So we all know the best part of a movie/date night is the cinema treats and this dine-in theatre has thought of everything Enjoy popcorn, traditional sodas and even grab an authentic cheeseburger from the all American diner.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Paris area this week or are planning a last minute getaway, you’ve got until the 21st June to get your Grease on and with prices starting from 10 euros you better grab them quick Click here for more info and tickets. For exclusive pictures and videos head over to Facebook