Sneaker It – Alphabet Trainers


Nike Tailwind, Reebok Classics, Adidas Oregon, Asics Gel Lyte, we all have a favourite iconic trainer, and so does Madrid-based graphic artist Andre Momo……in fact he has 26 of them.

He likes them so much that he has put his talents to good use and drawn each of them. There is however a twist. He has wrapped the iconic styles around the letters of the alphabet. It sounds bizarre but looks very intriguing.

He has been posting a letter / sneaker a day over at his Instagram account, but now that he has finished he is planning to include them all in one poster that can be purchased either by contacting him or if for some reason you are in Madrid, picking one up from the Dashape event.

Take a look of some of the letters below and see how many trainers you can recognise, and please check out Andre Momo Instagram page here for the full collection, as well as other designs and creations by him.