The Balight Bicycle Wheel Display


With cycling more popular now than it ever has been, not just in the UK, but worldwide sales of bikes and bike accessories have reached new levels, and so the Balight team based in Shenzhen, China are hoping that their invention will appeal to the cycling community and turn out to be a pedalling success.

Balight have designed a display kit that can turn your bicycle into a moving light show, and aside from offering a fun and stylish appearance, it also allows cyclists to express their individuality, connect with others and improve their safety on the road.

Using 376 super bright full-colour LED lights, it can flash over 16 million different colours featuring a preloaded graphics option that lets you import pictures from your smartphone, or create your own patterns and images. This cool new device also offers other features that include a safety alarm, social media app, and data tracker that keeps you connected with fellow cyclists.
And with a battery pack life of up to 10 hours a charge it's a pretty safe assumption that your legs with run out before the lights do.

Easily rechargeable through a USB connection, the kit is lightweight, water proof and shockproof so it can handle any conditions.

The Balight has currently been on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for 7 days, and already has been backed to over 60% of it’s $30,000 target. It still has 29 days to go.
To help fund it yourself, or to find out more information please visit here, and be sure to check out the video below.