The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


It probably isn’t an competition you are familiar with, but if you want to cheer yourself up, and put a smile on your face then check out the list of entries in the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. David Attenborough would be proud.

Sometimes in photography the picture you see through the lense isn’t exactly what’s captured once the button is pressed, and that can’t be more evident than in wildlife photography, where quite often things happen in a split second. However the end result is sometimes more pleasing than what was originally planned.
And sometimes the stars align just to capture a piece of comedy gold that you really would never have expected.
But what do you do with these brilliant yet unplanned and unexpected pictures? Step forward the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The six-category (one of which included videos) competition was run in conjunction with The Born Free Foundation which aims to promote conservation, raising awareness on the diversity of animals around the world, and attracted thousands of entries.

A Komodo Dragon existing the toilet, a 2-headed rhino, a distraught-looking pelican dropping a fish, and a cheetah appearing to ponder the speed limit are just a few of the crackers that made it through to the final.

The winning picture chosen by the panel of expert judges was taken by Angela Bohlke, of the United States, and was awarded the top prize in both the Overall and On the Land categories for the hilarious picture of a fox trying to capture a vole taken at Yellowstone National Park.

You can see some of the entries below, but for the full collection, or to find out more please head on over to the website here.