The Founder - Film Trailer


The Founder tells the true story of how small-time salesman Ray Kroc met brothers Dick McDonald and Mac McDonald when he was selling them six mixers for the small restaurant chain that they'd started on their own. Impressed by the brothers' speedy system of making and serving the food, he saw the potential to make a highly profitable franchise.
He manages to talk the brothers into letting him get involved and is eventually able to pull the company out from under them, despite opposition from all sides, including his wife Ethel.
He goes on to eventually create the billion-dollar McDonald's empire that now has well over 36,000 locations worldwide and employs almost 2 million people (if you include franchises).


Written by Rober D. Siegel, produced by John Lee Hancock, and released by The Weinstein Company the film stars Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch and Laura Dern.

Created with a modest budget of just $7 million the film was due to be released this summer, however a release has now been pushed back until Jan / Feb next year – right in the middle of the awards season – draw what conclusions you want from that.

Check out the trailer for it below